We are an association with members comprised of 20 towers. The All-Japan Tower Association publicizes events held at each of the towers, which are divided into four blocks in Japan.
East Block (6 towers)
Sapporo TV TowerGoryokaku TowerChoshi Port TowerChiba Port TowerTokyo Tower
Yokohama Marine Tower
Central Block (5 towers)
Nagoya TV Tower Higashiyama
Sky Tower
Tojinbo Tower Twin Arch 138 Crossland Tower
Kansai Block (4 towers)
Tsutenkaku Tower Kyoto Tower Kobe Port Tower Floating Garden
West Block (5 towers)
Fukuoka TowerPlay Park Gold TowerKaikyo Yume TowerYumeminato TowerBeppu Tower
List of officials at All-Japan Tower Association
Each of 20 towers is a landmark that is cherished by the local people.

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At the 98th general meeting, the members collectively elected to advocate the message, "Stay strong, Tohoku! Go for it, Japan" to the victims in the disaster-stricken areas.
Our planned activities in 2012
The 99th general meeting in the spring of 2012
Venue: Play Park Gold Tower
The 7th Observation Day on Monday, October 1, 2012
“The Observation Day Special Towel is a free gift for all visitors who visit on October 1st.
It is free to link your website to our website (http://www.japantowers.jp). Please let us know your website address and contact information by e-mailing us at "info-japantowers@tokyotower.co.jp" after you set up the link.
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