Sapporo TV Tower (147.2 meters)
Sapporo TV Tower, standing 147.2 meters tall, is situated in the heart of the city of Sapporo. This landmark has been a popular attraction since its opening in 1957. It takes about a 60 second elevator ride from the third floor to the observation platform at 90.38 meters above the ground.
The tower overlooks Odori Park, which is a beautiful park that adorns flowers from season to season and hosts various international events for citizens and tourists throughout the year. Visitors on the observation platform can enjoy a view of the whole city as far as the Sea of Japan and the magnificent Ishikari Plains in the background.
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Operator Sapporo TV Tower Co., Ltd.
Opening date August 24, 1957
Architect Tachu Naito
Structural type Steel construction
Purpose Tourism and TV broadcasting
Observation platform Admission fees:
700 yen for adults
600 yen for high school students
400 yen for junior high school students
300 yen for elementary school students
100 yen for infants
Access JR Sapporo Station
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Tower character

TV Tosan (TV Daddy)

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