Choshi Port Tower (57.7 meters)
Enjoy viewing the Choshi Fishing Port, passing fishing boats and the mouth of Tone River from the observation platform of the Choshi Port Tower. The beautiful reflection of the sunlight on the Pacific Ocean and the rounded-looking vast horizon takes your breath away.
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Operator Choshi City Kanko Kyokai
Opening date June 1991
Architect Yokogawa Architects & Engineers, Inc.
Structural type Steel construction with reflective mirror glass - twin tower-style
Purpose Choshi Port Tower was constructed by Chiba Prefecture as a tourist attraction in collaboration with the marine products wholesale center WOSSE 21 to further development tourism in the city of Choshi.
Observation platform Admission fees:
350 yen for adults
200 yen for elementary school and junior high school students
Access JR Choshi Station
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