Chiba Port Tower (125 meters)
Chiba Port Tower opened in 1986 in the international Port of Chiba. The tower was built to commemorate the fact that the population of Chiba Prefecture had exceeded five million people.
From the observation platform at 113 meters above the ground, visitors are fascinated not only by the active city of Chiba, but also by the view of Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Bay Aqua-line Expressway and the entire Tokyo Bay. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views at night from the observation platform.
Enjoy shopping at the Port Shop where souvenirs produced in Chiba Prefecture, including local sake, are available, then relax and admire great views in the La Plage Caf, which are both conveniently located in the tower.
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Operator Mitsukoshi Kankyo Building Management Co., Ltd.
Opening date March 25, 1986
Architect Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Structural type Steel construction, a part of which is steel-framed reinforced concrete construction (Total weight of steel frames used: 1,100 tons)
Purpose Tourism
Observation platform Admission fees:
410 yen for adults
200 yen for elementary school and junior high school students
Access JR Chiba Station
official website
Name of the tower character
Birth date
June 15
Always absent-minded ("Port" sounds like "Potto" in Japanese which means "absent-minded", and Port-kuns personality matches the name.)
Viewing through binoculars

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