Tojinbo Tower (55 meters)
Tojinbo Tower was built on the coast of the Sea of Japan to entertain tourists with a spectacular view from its observation platform. Visitors feel the view is beyond 360 degrees due to the breathtaking and never-ending ocean skyline.
Enjoy viewing yachts with white-colored sails, fishing boats, the mouth of Kuzuryugawa River, Jingaoka Tableland, Echizen Cape, and Mt. Hakusan which is known as a holy mountain.
The energy from the sunlight in the tower allows you to feel relaxed and refreshed. Come visit the Tojinbo Tower and enjoy some healing time!
The tower is also known as the “tower for couples". It is said that a couple will have eternal happiness after petting Hotei's head together in the observation platform. (Hotei is one of the Seven Gods of Good Luck.) Why don’t you visit the tower and pet Hotei’s head with your significant other?
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Operator Touring Kanko Co., Ltd.
Opening date September 27, 1964
Architect Muranaka Construction Co., Ltd.
Structural type Ferro-concrete structure
Purpose Tourism
Observation platform Admission fee:
500 yen for adults
300 yen for children
Access JR Fukui Station
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