Twin Arch 138 (138 meters)
Two arches of different heights in a hyperbolic curve with the elevator shaft in the middle symbolize the “magnificent flow of water in Kiso Three Rivers". The tower stands in Ichinomiya City. Since Ichinomiya sounds like 138 in Japanese, the height of the tower was determined to be 138 meters.
Twin Arch 138 is Japan's first arch-type tower and is tallest of its kind in the East. Two high-speed elevators take the visitors to the observation platform at 100 above the ground in 70 seconds.
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Operator Ichinomiya City (The designated administrator: Parks and Recreation Foundation)
Opening date April 29, 1995
ArchitectIto Architects & Engineers Inc.
Structural type Steel construction
Purpose Viewing
Observation platform Admission fee:
500 yen for adults ages 16 or older
200 yen for children ages 6 – 15 years old
100 yen for children ages 4 – 6 years old
250 yen for senior citizens ages 65 or older
Access JR Nagoya Station
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