Yumeminato Tower (43 meters)
Yumeminato Tower was constructed as an attraction for the Japan Expo Tottori '97 that was held for 79 days from July 12 to September 28. Yumeminato Park was built on the site of the exposition and some attractions, including the Yumeminato Tower, still remain as symbolic monuments of the exposition.
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Operator Tottoriken Kanko Jigyodan
Opening date From December 15, 1995 to June 30, 1997 for the Japan Expo Tottori '97 and still open
for tourism
Architect KEIKAKU Inc. (Hirofumi Sugimoto)
Structural type Steel-frame, steel reinforced concrete structure - 4-story PC structure for low-rise
building and 3-story wooden frame for tower building
Purpose Yumeminato Tower was built to facilitate a showcase of the nature, history and culture of
Tottori prefecture and countries in the Japan Sea area. Items produced in Tottori
prefecture and countries in the Japan Sea area are also displayed.
Observation platform Admission fee:
300 yen for high school students or older
150 yen for elementary and junior high school students
Free for handicapped people and a care-provider per handicapped person
Access Yonago Kitaro Airport
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Tower character

Toripy is the promotional character of Tottori Prefecture.

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