Kaikyo Yume Tower (153 meters)
From the observation platform of Kaikyo Yume Tower at 143 meters above the ground, visitors enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the Inland Sea, the Kanmon Channel, Ganryu-jima Island, the mountain range in Kyushu and Hibikinada in the Sea of Japan. At night, the twinkling lights on the Kanmon Channel produce a romantic atmosphere perfect for an intimate evening for couples.
Designated as the "holy place for lovers" by Yamaguchi Prefecture, the tower is known as a great date spot. It is said that couples who enjoy a date at the tower will receive eternal happiness.
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Operator Yamaguchi-ken Kokusai Sogo Center
Opening date June 30, 1996
(Date visitors first admitted: July 30, 1996)
ArchitectNTT Facilities
Structural type Reinforced concrete and steel construction
PurposeThe tower was built as a symbol of Yamaguchi Prefecture
Observation platform Admission fee:
600 yen for adults
300 yen for children (Elementary school and junior high school students)
Access JR Shimonoseki Station
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