Let's participate in the "All-Japan 20 Towers Stamp Rally"! The Complete Finisher's Certificates are awarded to those who have visited all 20 towers. We also present a special souvenir to those who received the certificate!!!
We hold an "All-Japan 20 Towers Stamp Rally" at each of the 20 towers throughout Japan.

The Stamp Rally Book is available at all 20 towers of the All-Japan Tower Association. The price is 300 yen. Each tower has its own stamp (seal). When you visit a tower, a stamp (seal) of the tower will be affixed on your Stamp Rally Book.

The 20 towers are divided into four blocks throughout Japan, and once you visit all the towers within one of the four blocks, you will receive the Block Finisher's Certificate and a souvenir.

If you visit all 20 towers, you will receive the Complete Finisher's Certificate. The ten certificate holders of each month will receive a special souvenir.

Ā(We currently have "One Item Present" for stamp rally participants. Read the description below for more details.)
Thank you very much for participating in the "All-Japan 20 Towers Stamp Rally".  This is the second year of the stamp rally and all 20 towers are eager for your participation.
Note - To those who plan to join "All-Japan 20 Towers Stamp Rally" by June 2011
Considering the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Stamp Rally Book is valid for 14 months. We extended the expiration by two months to allow for more time to complete the book.
Note - To those who have bought the Stamp Rally Book or currently participate in the stamp rally
We already began "One Item Present" as a token of our gratitude to all those who participate in the stamp rally. When you show the previously purchased Stamp Rally Book to the clerk at the window of each tower, you will receive a One Item Present as a gift from the tower. Each of the 20 towers has its own One Item Present. We hope you enjoy the One Item Present.
(Please call each tower ahead of time to find out about the type of One Item Present currently available. The One Item Present is subject to change.)
The website address of All-Japan 20 Towers Stamp Rally is (http://www.japantowers.jp/web/06_stamp/index.html) and you are free to link your website to it. After you link your website to All-Japan 20 Towers Stamp Rally website, please let us know your website address and contact information by e-mailing us at "info-japantowers@tokyotower.co.jp".
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