We at All-Japan Tower Association make every effort to conduct various activities, including hosting special events, to attract visitors at each of the 20 towers. And our main goal in 2011 was to write our original theme song for the towers!

The three-piece female dance group, YA-KYIM sings our theme song. They released a song to help those who were dieting called "SHAPE IT UP! last year. They are remarkable singers and dancers who are also famous for singing an ending theme song for a popular cartoon.

The theme song of All-Japan Tower Association, "Tower!" was completed in collaboration with "YA-KYIM".
We wanted the song to be a catchy and memorable song so we enlisted the first-rate song writing team who produced the famous song Manetki Neko Duck No Uta to write our theme song.
YA-KYIM choreographed the dance for our theme song that is enjoyed by men and women of all ages.

The theme song of All-Japan Tower Association, "Tower!" became a downloadable ringtone for cell phones on Saturday, October 1, 2011 and will be played inside towers for one year.


On the 6th Observation Day (Saturday, October 1, 2011), YA-KYIM entertained the crowd by singing "Tower!" in the main observation platform of Tokyo Tower while dancing with the tower characters from Sapporo TV Tower and Tsutenkaku Tower.

YA-KYIM went on a bullet-like tour on Saturday. October 29, and Sunday, October 30, 2011 and gave an outstanding performance at the following towers.
Three towers in Central Block: Nagoya TV Tower, Higashiyama Sky Tower and Twin Arch 138
Four towers at Kansai Block: Tsutenkaku Tower, Kyoto Tower, Kobe Port Tower and Kuchu Teien Tembodai

News: YA-KYIM's official website opened.
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@sorara173 - Solala
YA-KYIM and the tower characters from four towers in Kansai Block gathered together, and their souvenir pictures turned out fantastic. V(^-^)V

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