For the purpose of prevention of infectious disease of new coronavirus, temporary closure may be made by judgment of each tower.
Please contact each tower for operating information.

We are an association with members comprised of 19 towers.
The All-Japan Tower Association publicizes events held at each of the towers, which are divided into four blocks in Japan.

Lovers' holy land

Stamp Rally

If you visit all 19 towers, you will receive the Complete Finisher's Certificate. The ten certificate holders of each month will receive a special souvenir.

The Stamp Rally Book is available at all 19 towers of the All-Japan Tower Association. The price is 300 yen. Each tower has its own stamp (seal). When you visit a tower, a stamp (seal) of the tower will be affixed on your Stamp Rally Book.


Observation Day

The All-Japan Tower Association designated October 1 as "Observation Day" in 2006. The date was established from the Japanese word “tenbou”, which means "observation" in English. The beginning sound of “tenbou” is ten, representing the tenth month, and “bou” sounds like “stick” in English, which resembles the number “1”.

Each tower organizes many special events for your enjoyment.


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