Beppu Tower (100m)

From the observation platform (17th floor) at 55 meters above the ground, a magnificent 360 degree panoramic view of the ocean, mountains and steam from famous hot spring resorts in Beppu City always fascinates the visitors. The tower is the greatest landmark in the city of Beppu and rises to the sky as it gently watches over the ever-changing city.

Official site
Address 3 Chome 10-2 Kitahama, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken 874-0920
Operator Kaisei Jisho Trust Co.,Ltd.
Completion Date May 10, 1957
Architect Tachu Naito
Structural type Steel construction
Purpose Tourism and advertising

STAMP RALLY information

Observation platform

  • ・Adult 800 yen
  • ・High and junior high school student 600 yen
  • ・4 years old to elementary school students 400 yen
  • ・Infant (under 3 years old ) Free

Stamp location

After you get off the elevator at the observation deck on the 17th floor, the reception desk is on the left side, and the stamp stamping desk is on the right side. Please stamp the seal after completing the reception. If you would like a stamp rally book, please ask the receptionist.


Original goods

  • * ou will receive a souvenir for purchase a Stamp Rally Book and affix a stamp.

  • * Please note that the content may be changed without prior notice.

  • Beppu Tower
    3 Chome 10-2 Kitahama, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken 874-0920