Higashiyama Sky Tower(134m)

Higashiyama Sky Tower is a landmark in the east part of Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture. From the observation platform of the tower, which stands at a corner in Higashiyama Park, visitors can admire one of the largest parks in Japan. A magnificent view of the Central Alps, Mt. Ontakesan and Mt. Ibukisan are also overlooked from the observation platform. The visitors are fascinated by the night view, which was selected as one of the most beautiful night views in Japan. At the foot of the tower, guests can spend an entire day visiting the zoo where they can see the adored Koalas and the botanical garden that contains an extensive collection of the world's plants.

Official site
Address 1-8 Kameiri, Tashiro-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0803
Operator Sanei Corporation
Completion Date July 11, 1989
Architect Nissoken Architects/Engineers
Structural type Steel construction and rigid-frame structure in cross bracing
Purpose Viewing, disaster prevention, administration and radio transmission

STAMP RALLY information

Observation platform

Admission fee: 300 yen for adults (Zoo and Botanical Gardens Joint Pass 640 yen)
Free for junior high school students or younger

Stamp location

Installed on the elevator hall on the 1st floor.
※On busy days installed on the observation room 5th floor.


Original goods

※You will receive a souvenir for purchase a Stamp Rally Book and affix a stamp.
※Please note that the content may be changed without prior notice.

  • Higashiyama Sky Tower
    1-8 Kameiri, Tashiro-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0803