Kuchu Teien Observatory (173m)

The 40th floor of Kuchu Teien Observatory (Floating Garden Observatory) where the garden in the sky is located and its rooftop are the perfect viewing areas to enjoy the sky and magnificent views.
The name of this very tall building has a magical sound in Japanese, and the aesthetics of the unique observation platform matches its magical name. With its striking architecture, the building is one of the most attractive high rise buildings in this big city. Visitors enjoy from the rooftop a stunning 360 degree panoramic view with the sky as the ceiling.
Only Kuchu Teien Observatory lets you enjoy the most dynamic panoramic view of the heart of Osaka.

Official site
Address 1-88, Oyodonaka 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka 531−6023
Operator Sekisui House Umeda Operation Co., Ltd.
Completion Date March 25, 1993
Architect Hiroshi Hara and Atelier Phi
Toshihiko Kimura and Kozo Sekkei Jimusho
Structural type Two buildings connected-type skyscraper - steel frames and reflective glass for exterior
Purpose Kuchu Teien Observatory includes offices, multi-purpose hall, sports facility, rental conference rooms, viewing areas, shops, parking lots, etc.

STAMP RALLY information

Observation platform

【Notice of Fee Revision】
Observation fee will be changed from July 1, 2024.
Adults 2,000 yen
Age 4 to 12 500 yen

Stamp location

On the 39th floor of the Air Garden observatory, please ask the staff on the ticket counter.


Original goods

※You will receive a souvenir for purchase a Stamp Rally Book and affix a stamp.
※Please note that the content may be changed without prior notice.

  • Kuchu Teien Observatory
    1-88, Oyodonaka 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka 531−6023